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Benefits of Renting Home Furniture

Benefits of Renting Home Furniture:

  • Allows flexibility in cost budgeting. Not necessary to invest a great amount of capital in furnishing for temporary usage. Furthermore, furniture can be added or subtracted easily and inexpensively.  Complete packages of furnishings including electronics, linens and kitchenware can be arranged, delivered and installed within 48 hours.
  • Trained professional rental consultants can ensure this is done by either visiting Executive Furniture Rentals’ 30,000 square feet facility, calling by phone or writing by e-mail.

  • Home Staging, the process whereby homes are temporally de-cluttered, re-organized and given an interior “face-lift” for the purposes of re-sale, can take advantage of an array of design choices, delivered and installed immediately for a fraction of the cost of purchasing. Without doubt, furniture rental as a marketing tool can increase the equity of any home SOLD.

  • Short-term leases comprised of less than 90 days are ideal for transferees who arrive at their new destination prior to receipt of their household goods shipment. The use of basic furniture rental and accessories package for their already existing rental housing would allow the transferee to move right into their permanent home requiring no transition stage and provide immediate family and children acclimation in the area and schools.
  • Moving directly into a non-furnished residence with furniture rental for a 45 day period opposed to staying in temporary housing for the same period of time can save a company approximately 35%.

  • Furniture rental saves money when compared with household goods being shipped to or from overseas. In a recent study, the costs of shipping a 3-4 bedroom of furnishing to or from Europe (approximately 12,000 lbs) door to door, inclusive of partial air shipment for personal effects was 50% higher than renting furniture for the same sized home over a period of 24 months.

  • Renting a non-furnished corporate apartment in a downtown Canadian or American city and adding furniture, accessories and utilities can create a savings for a company up to 30% over a period of 12 months.

  • Renting furniture as a service is a valuable property management tool. When a transferee goes on a foreign assignment and takes their furniture or stores their personal effects, the expatriate’s house is now vacant and the property management team takes over. Renting furniture allows the home to be occupied immediately and retain maximum revenue. Furniture rental also saves the in-coming transferee the cost of a household goods being shipped.

                 - 45 day furniture rental vs. 45 day temporary housing solution = up to 35% savings.

                 - 12 month furniture rental vs. 12 month temporary housing stay = up to 30% savings.

                -  24 months furniture rental vs. goods being shipped and returned = up to 50% savings.

  • All furniture rented has a non-obligatory option to purchase. It can be exercise at any time and is ideal for easing cash flow concerns. 

Benefits of Renting Office Furniture

  • Renting Conserves Capital
    Buying furniture ties up capital or credit.
    Renting frees those assets for more productive uses. Renting requires no down payment. Furthermore, rental payments are classified as an operating expense rather than a capital investment. This allows furniture costs to be 100% deductible and can be expensed monthly rather than capitalized over the life of the furniture which also eliminates depreciation calculations.

  • Renting Offers Flexibility
    Growth also requires flexibility and renting office furniture is an ideal way to make sure that furnishings match current needs; i.e. are paneled workstations being outdated and made obsolete by more modern and technical desk systems?

  • When the rental contract expires, furniture is simply returned without the cost and hassle of storing or liquidating older furniture. If desired rental payments can be applied directly to purchase.

  • Grade “A” workstations such as Steelcase can be rented short term for a fraction of the cost to purchase, as well as seating, filing and other required casegoods.

  • Rental eliminates any downtime created while a company waits for their new furniture to arrive.
    Furniture rental can always keep up with growth and eliminate consequences of long lead times by manufacturers.

  • Furniture rental is an ideal solution to create temporary swing spaces while companies are undergoing renovations.

  •  Furniture rental is the perfect solutions to any corporate show or special event.
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