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The Gus* Collection

Gus* Modern Furniture Rental

When you want the beauty of modern furniture in your home or office, with the ease that rental furniture provides, look no further than then exclusive Gus* modern furniture collection at Executive Furniture Rentals! Gus* furniture captures the simple and sleek designs of past modernists, with the furniture options you need to furnish nearly every room in your space. Designed and manufactured in Canada, you can rest assured that the items you select are the highest quality.

Gus* Furniture Offerings

The Gus* collection is comprised of upholstered seating, dining, beds, accents and accessories. As an exclusive line to Executive Furniture Rentals, we have the best selection of pieces for you to choose from, including Gus*:

  • Sectionals
  • Sofas
  • Chairs
  • Stools

Whether you’re looking to furnish a rental property, temporary home, office space or any other space, Gus* modern furniture has the furnishings you need to create a warm, welcoming space. Gus* sofas, sectionals and chairs create the perfect seating areas, while tables and benches add the touches you need in any room.

Choose Your Gus* Modern Items Today!

Obtain and experience the urban feel of Gus* at monthly prices that have no minimum and are a fraction of regular retail pricing. Learn more about Gus* modern furniture and all of our other offerings by contacting us today!

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