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Instantly Calculate Your Lease Options

You can always rent office furniture for short term use, but Executive Furniture’s Leasing Program makes it easy to acquire high grade quality office furniture, long term, to meet all budgets. Leasing makes $en$e: Save your capital to use on all the things that makes your business grow.

Executive Furniture’s Leasing Program is so successful because it helps acquire corporate furnishings on a timetable that makes sense. Let’s review some advantages of leasing your furniture:

  • Conserving cash to overcome budget limitations
  • Leasing usually allows for 100% financing with no down payments
  • No need to prepay federal and provincial taxes
  • Preserves valuable lines of credit and supplier discounts
  • Possible Tax benefits-office equipment may be written off entirely as a rental expense

The numbers speak for themselves:

Obtain an instant leasing quote by clicking on the request option

  1. Obtain an instant leasing quote by clicking on the request option.
  2. Fill out Equipment Cost with the amount you expect to spend on furnishings before taxes.
  3. Follow the prompts. Voila! You can email the comprehensive quote to yourself for your records as well for your convenience.
  4. From the quote, review the payment structure and term that suits your budget- simply click the payment link to pull all your data conveniently into an online credit application. Click submit and you’ll hear from us within hours……it’s that easy!!

Buy what appreciates…lease what depreciates !!

Executive Furniture Rentals Leasing Calculator

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