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Executive Furniture Rentals

Mark Miller, President and Owner

For over 50 years, Executive Furniture Rentals has been a pioneering force in furniture rentals across Canada. We are family owned and operated and we excel in keeping a fast pace and providing service in a very personal, customized way.

As part of CORT Furniture Rental’s Global Network Executive Furniture Rentals is connected to a large web of multi-national companies and international relocation services. Our mission is to be an indispensable resource to people and companies who want to make a house a home, an office a great place to work, and an event a more memorable celebration.

Our Goal

Our goal is to continue to provide Canadians with our service and on-trend product.

We specialize in:

  • Office
  • Temporary Relocation
  • Home Staging
  • Events/Media

Furniture rental in Canada really started in the 1950’s when war veterans were returning home. Canadian immigration was being encouraged, urban expansion was being built and furniture was needed to fill these new two and three bedroom bungalows. To make furniture acquisition more affordable, Rent-To-Own became a finance alternative for those who had no credit. It was a concept of renting furniture for a period of one year or more with the eventuality that it could be bought for a small residential amount. That’s what was happening in the United States, and quite insightfully, my father Arthur Miller saw that as an opportunity and attempted to apply that model in Toronto, Canada. It certainly took a number of years to reach a break-even point, but it did and many customers were very grateful it had.


Entrepreneurs International Foundation

Our very own Ruth Parkinson received the 2017 Retail Sales Professional Award for Ontario at the Canadian Home Furnishings Awards. We are so proud of her work and dedication to Executive Furniture Rentals.

CORT Global Award, Partner in Excellence, Superior Customer Service, Executive Furniture Rentals.

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