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Executive Furniture Rentals is proud to be a complete customer service oriented company. Not only does Executive Furniture Rentals offer a full array of product for homes, offices and special events, it can ensure that all items are delivered and installed when the client wants it.

Furthermore, all furnishings are delivered and installed professionally by an experienced crew dedicated to satisfying the client.

On average, furniture rentals are delivered within 72 hours from request. However, Executive Furniture Rentals certainly can deliver 48 hours, 24 hours and even implement same day emergency deliveries to ensure a solution to all furnishing problems. With the extensive inventory of Executive Furniture Rentals, no client will be deprived of temporary furniture when they need it!

Executive Furniture Rentals maintains a fully employed, professional delivery crew while owning a fleet of trucks. It is not unusual that clients have in the past enjoyed their experience with Executive Furniture Rentals so much that they request certain individual crew members for subsequent deliveries. Executive Furniture Rentals attempts to make delivery and installation a very positive experience, with a good sense of humor, if necessary, to brighten ones day.


Executive Furniture Rentals is committed to ensure that all products are delivered and installed in an expected professional means. That is customer service.

Executive Furniture Rentals enables flexibility, efficiency and productivity by providing customers with the furniture they need when they need it.

Terms Of Service

The Rental Agreement will commence on the date of delivery of the product and will continue on a month to month basis until agreement expires.

Pricing is dependent on two variables: a) time period required and b) value of the furniture. The rental pricing period is up to 30 days for Corporate or Personal and 15 days or less for Events.

Executive Furniture Rentals cancelation policy gives flexibility to the rental agreement, please discuss with our experienced sales associates the terms and conditions.

Executive Furniture Rentals accepts payments by Visa, MasterCard, as well as cash, and cheques.

During the rental period, the customer is responsible for the rented furniture. All the items should be returned to in the same condition as they were received. In case of breakage, tear, or any other damage incurred by the customer during the rental period, the customer will be required to cover the cost of cleaning, repair, or replacement of the damaged items.

Rental Process

  • To get an initial quote, please request a free quote online or you may simply call one of our home design associates (416-785-0932 | 1-800-618-1733)
  • Please use the following inventory catalogue as a guide to the possibilities of furnishing your new home or project.
  • We always encourage our clients to visit our 30,000 sq. ft. showroom/warehouse to view our products but certainly we know that may not always be possible. Our design associates would be very glad to “walk” you through our inventory catalogue on our website and assist you to make the right interior decisions that your budget will allow.
  • Keep checking our inventory catalogue. We are always adding new products. If there are certain items that you would like to see, that are not shown, please contact us. For longer term projects, “custom ordered product” is also available.

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