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Home Staging Secrets


The Book

“Success” when selling your home usually means no long stays on the market and a sales price close to what was desired!

Chances are you have bought or sold a home in the past. The process is often a challenge.

House buyers prefer looking at, and purchasing, houses that are move-in ready and appealing. The home décor of your average homeowner can vary from contemporary cave to shabby chic, and many sellers wish to show off their décor to prospective buyers, but this is a policy that can backfire.


Rental in Home Staging

I was once asked by a local newspaper journalist how long my furniture rental company has actively supported home staging? I just looked at the curious writer and without attempting to be cute or seemingly arrogant, I simply replied, “Always.”

Which, in fact, is very true. Furniture rental in Canada really started in the 1950’s when war veterans were returning home. Canadian immigration was being encouraged, urban expansion was being built, and furniture was needed to fill these new two and three bedroom bungalows. To make furniture acquisition more affordable, Rent-To-Own became a finance alternative for those who had no credit.

It was a concept of renting furniture for a period of one year or more with the eventuality that it could be bought for a small residual amount. That’s what was happening in the United States, and quite insightfully, my father, Arthur Miller, saw that as an opportunity and attempted to apply that model in Toronto.

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