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FOR THE HOME Furniture

Whether you are staging, relocating (see below), or needing temporary furniture and accessories, we can help you furnish your space according to your own personal and/or business requirements. We provide high-quality furniture, so your space will be complete.

Living Room Furniture
Dining Room Furniture
Bedroom Furniture
Home Office Furniture
Accessories Furniture
Outdoor Furniture

Executive Furniture Rentals enjoys its valued relationship with the home staging industry and is constantly attempting to improve its inventory to match current needs. More importantly, we offer some of the best quality home staging furniture in Toronto that you can rent or buy. And we are very sensitive to the budgets of our clients. We are here to ensure that expectation and customer satisfaction are met with great success.

Here is how it works.
It is important to know your personal or business budget in advance. With our large inventory of furniture we can meet any reasonable budget. You can contact us through our contact page, by email, or phone number. We would love to discuss your requirements, both short and long term.


If you are planning to temporarily relocate and are in need of a furnished suite or home then we can help! Executive Furniture Rentals customizes relocation packages according to your budget, estimated date of occupancy, length of stay, preferred location, furnishings and any other services and amenities required. Our relocation packages include electronics, linens, and housewares. You also have an option to buy out your products at the of the rental period. Rental periods can be accommodated from 1 month – 3+ years.

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