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January 3, 2017

10 Design Trends For 2017

1. Marble
If you’re a lover of marble there is good news because marble is here to stay in 2017!

2. Green
Liven up a space with green tones: emerald, lime, forest, greenery, etc. Feel free to indulge in ‘Greenery’ because it was named the Pantone colour of 2017. Not to mention, green represents freshness and harmony, which are perfect words to live by as we start a new year.

3. Navy Blue
Think royal. Think lapis. Think ‘navy blue is definitely the new black.’ Whether you are painting your powder room or adding colour in colourless spaces, pops of navy blue are on point this year.

4. Jewel Colours
Last year a lot of neutrals and muted tones were at the fulcrum of décor. This year all the rave is in jewel tones and colours. We’re embracing loud and bold!

5. Cork
As opposed to hard surfaces, elements of cork add a softer tone to décor because it is inviting and warm. Add elements of cork around your space to add layers of warmth.

6. Nail Head Details
These sweet little details will be everywhere in 2017. You can find a number of nail head details at EFR.
#475 Boulder Beige Headboard (Queen)

7. Texture
Mixing fabrics and materials and weaving it into your design will make your place feel more put together. We will be seeing texture in everything from wallpaper to accent décor to light fixtures.

8. Mixed Patterns
I think this one speaks for itself. Feel bold and creative and mix different patterns that are interesting and full of vivid colours.

9. Florals
Floral-inspired colours such as Pink Yarrow and Primrose Yellow are super popular this year as well.
They will be in art, in furniture, in accent pieces, and in statement pieces.

10. Pastels/Muted Colours
We spent a lot of time writing about vivid colours, but let’s not forget their more subtle counterparts, the muted hues. Add a touch of chicness to your space with Hazelnut or Pale Dogwood to balance out the bright colours.

It looks like 2017 will be an exciting year for colour and texture. At Executive Furniture Rentals our residential and interior coordinators will be happy to assist you with your furniture rental and purchase needs!

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