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October 13, 2022

3 Tips for a Family Friendly Home

Oh childhood, life was so simple and easy! Remember playing hide and seek in your mom’s living room? Have you ever bumped into a table and watch a vase shatter in front of your eyes? Maybe you stained a brand-new white carpet? We sure know Mom and Dad might have not approved of your little accidents but hey, that’s being a kid! Now that you’ve grown up and have your own family, it’s inevitable that the kids might have a couple of their own accidents at home, which is why it’s up to you to create a home that can withstand family life and still look great! Here are our 3 tips on picking family-friendly furniture for your home.


Choose Durable Fabrics

Firstly, consider investing in sheet covers for your sofas and beds or have dining room chairs laminated as a preventative measure in case any spills or stains occur. From spilled spaghetti or Cheeto stains, you’ll want to pick furniture made from durable fabrics for these typical kid moments.


When looking for furniture, run your hands over the fabric of the furniture, if it feels heavy and makes a lot of noise, then chances are that it is durable and requires less maintenance (which is ideal as a busy parent). Think about choosing furniture with patterned fabrics, this might also help to hide any potential stains.


Overall, the best fabrics for family-friendly homes are natural fabrics mixed with synthetic materials for extra durability like vinyl, leather, ultrasuede, twill, denim, and velvet.

Be Picky With Your Furniture

To stand the test of time, be picky with your furniture. You’ll want to pick pieces that are made to be durable. As much as we admire kids for their creativity, we’re sure your kids are going to find a way to turn your sofa into a trampoline or your coffee table into a safe spot for a game of “The Floor is Lava.”


If the kids love making forts, and you don’t like the idea of sofa cushions being turned into one, opt for sofas with cushions sewn in. To prevent any clumsy children from hurting themselves from pointy edges, think about getting rounded tables and countertops. It can be surprising of how many ways kids can hurt themselves playing, but kids will be kids!


Make Space for The Kids

By making a space for the kids, they can enjoy their favourite activities without the cost of damaging your furniture. Investing in a kid sized table and a place to store all their toys, stationary, and other things, give them a space to be creative or to get homework done after school.


Think about the things your child loves to do. Create an open space for your child to strut their dance moves or show off their cartwheels. Maybe create a space for them to play their video games or a place for them to play with their favourite instruments. Allowing your children to have things their allowed to use or touch helps to prevent them from getting into things they’re not allowed to engage with.


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