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February 8, 2023

4 Reasons Rental Furniture Is Sustainable & Environmentally-Friendly

Rental furniture is a smart and sustainable choice for people looking to furnish their homes and offices. With more people becoming conscious about their impact on the environment, rental furniture is becoming an increasingly popular option. Here are four reasons why rental furniture is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice:


1.    Rental Furniture Helps To Reduce Waste

When furnishing your home, renting furniture is a great choice to reducing your carbon footprint in comparison to fast furniture. Fast furniture is mass produced to keep up with the consistent demand for furniture.


Although your local big box retailer might sell these pieces at cheaper prices, you get what you pay for. Made with cheap materials, fast furniture deteriorates within a short period of time. Most of these pieces end up going to landfills, thus contributing to the amount of waste we produce.


On the other hand, rental furniture helps you to reduce the amount of waste you produce since you only hold onto a piece of furniture for the agreed amount of time on your contract. After your contract ends, we take back the furniture to be refreshed and then reused again!


2.    Rental Furniture Helps To Reduce Our Need To Cut Down Trees

A major problem with fast furniture is that its mass production impacts the environment in a multitude of ways including deforestation. In order to keep up with the need for fast furniture, numerous trees are cut down to supply the demand.


Even though trees are essential to making furniture, trees are also essential to the environment. They provide oxygen, clean air, and protect the Earth against the sun’s rays. Since trees are being cut faster than they are being replanted, one way to reduce the number of trees used for furniture is to invest in rental furniture.


Fast furniture requires valuable resources like wood, water, and energy to be manufactured and even more resources to dispose of it. Rental furniture on the other hand allows these resources to be used sustainably. After each of our pieces are loved for multiple cycles, we then offer our pieces at a discounted rate on our sister website, Clearance Furniture.


3.    Rental Furniture Benefits Wildlife

As mentioned earlier, fast furniture contributes to deforestation, but also contributes to the destruction of ecosystems. Trees provide animals with a place to live and when a forest is cleared out, the ecosystem is disrupted. If you love animals, you’d be happy to know that furnishing your home not only helps the environment but also helps wildlife and reduce habitat destruction!



4.    Eco-friendly Manufacturers

We pride ourselves on being a sustainable and eco-friendly company by providing you with furniture rentals for personal and event use. We also partner with industry leading manufacturers that are eco-friendly like Gus*.


The Gus* Collection provides you with premium furniture rentals that are made with eco-friendly down fill made from PET Plastic. Not only is this collection aesthetically pleasing but Gus* has helped prevent tons of plastic water bottles from going into landfill annually.


By choosing rental furniture, you can make a positive impact on the environment and contribute to a more sustainable future. There are endless ways that you’ll benefit from renting furniture while contributing to a more sustainable world. Check out our previous blog “Rental Furniture vs. Fast Furniture” for a breakdown on the pros of rental furniture in comparison to fast furniture.


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