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November 7, 2016

5 Design Trends in Modern Office Furniture

Let’s be honest, we spend more time at the office than at home so naturally we want a work environment that is aesthetically pleasing and comfy at the same time – like our homes. Well, employees are in luck because in 2016 we’ve seen trends in modern office furniture checks all the boxes of the modern workers’ furniture wish list.

Here are the top 5 design trends in modern office furniture:

1. Nature-Inspired Furniture
There’s a big trend happening right now; nature is making its way indoors in furniture that looks outdoorsy. If you were to pair the Gus Transit bench with a nature themed piece of art you would definitely feel tranquil in your workplace.

2. Community Tables
Community tables are hot right now because employers are looking to bring their employees closer together instead of creating large divides between large furniture.

3. Lounge Furniture
This goes hand in hand with community tables to help create an environment that is inclusive and relaxing. Here at Executive Furniture Rentals we carry different lounge pieces within our beloved Gus line.

4. Mixing Textures
Mixing textures is definitely on the rise as well; different textures can be used in lounge areas or throughout the office with unique accent pieces.

5. Foldable or Height-Adjustable Tables
Companies are seeking foldable and height-adjustable tables to transpose from sitting to standing and to have a space that is more versatile. A great example of a foldable table is our very own Pelcom Training table.

Who wouldn’t be engaged, inspired, and overall happier in offices with this kind of furniture?

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