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March 21, 2017

7 Ways to Green Your Space

Spring and warmer weather are here and many of you are excited to get outside and enjoy the season. But, before you head outdoors you may want to consider creating a green and healthy home to help out our planet. Eco-friendly living and small tweaks inside can help us all to continue to enjoy the outside beauty that our planet offers. The good news is that these small changes are budget-friendly as well – two birds one stone!

Here are 7 easy ways to green your space:

1. Start a mini food garden
This is an easy one as long as you have a well-lit area with natural sunlight so you can exercise your green thumb. A hydroponic system is always a good option for indoors as well.

2. Grow plants indoor
Living plants act as natural air filters, and can actually filter out toxins and pollutants. This is a great green option to clean the air quality of your home.

3. Paint it green
This does not mean paint your walls green – well, you can if you like – but you can always resort to a low- or zero-VOC paint option. Or, for a more sustainable option you can select a paint that is organic and biodegradable.

4. Add water-saving fixtures
Check your home for leaks, and worn-out washers because this could mean big savings on your bill. Another idea is to install a low-flow showerhead, which can reduce your water usage by half.

5. Add smart furniture
There are furniture options here at Executive Furniture Rentals with eco-friendly and green materials. Take our Gus Modern Parkdale, Bloor, and Logan Sofas; their cushions use eco-friendly PET synthetic-down, which is created from recycled water bottles.

As a side note:
“Our new synthetic fill material is made from recycled PET plastic water bottles. You’ll relax with cushions that give you luxurious comfort, and you’ll take comfort knowing that you helped us prevent over 600,000 plastic bottles per year from entering landfills.” – Gus Modern

Not to mention, our business by nature is eco-friendly because renting lightly used furniture can save a few trees.

6. Organic mattress
Since we spend many hours lying vertically for shut-eye, it goes without saying that investing in a good mattress is a good idea! There are mattresses made with organic cotton, all-natural wool, and other harmless materials. You can always rent a mattress at EFR, each mattress is specially cleaned and provided with an individual casing.

7. Less is more
Sometimes less is more. These suggestions are a quick guide to help you get started. Remember, greening your space does not have to be expensive, just choose wisely. Think about which items you want versus need, which items you use versus do not use, and what to reupholster or repurpose.

When keeping up with interior decor it is best to recycle, reduce, and reuse. Come into EFR and we can help you stay on trend and stay green when renting our furniture and accessories.

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