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June 3, 2010

Aeron Chairs in Toronto

aeron chairs in toronto

The Aeron chair is a Herman Miller product, designed in 1994 by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf. It soon became a symbol of the dot-com bubble in the late 1990’s. Aeron chairs in Toronto are a popular choice for many businesses and offices.

The chair was intentionally ergonomically designed to be very comfortable due to its range of fittings and adjustability. What makes it unique is the back seat which is made of stretched, semi transparent and flexible mesh called Pellicle.

Other manufacturers have followed with lighter and environmentally friendlier chairs such as Steelcase’s Think and Knoll’s Chadwick, but Aeron has maintained its icon status over time.

You’ll see the chair in Trump’s Apprentice board room, Elle Magazine’s meeting room (did you see the last episode of “The City”?) and dozens of other movies and commercials which fuels Aeron’s super status. In fact, we just rented 10 to an upcoming movie presently being shot in Toronto ( sorry, we are not allowed to reveal details)!

While Aeron may be North America’s most popular chair, it may not be the best chair for everyday office use. We have a variety of other office furniture in Toronto that can suit the needs of any office on any budget. I hope you will join me in the upcoming posts as I examine some alternative seating that may just be healthier for our bodies. Stay tuned!

Here’s a timeless commercial for the Herman Miller Aeron:

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