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November 6, 2013

Disaster Recovery Plan

What is Your “B” Plan for Disaster Recovery?



For those who know me, I am generally regarded as a guarded optimist. For me the glass should always be half full. My company, Executive Furniture Rentals, is in the business of servicing solutions.

If an office needs temporary furniture such as desks, chairs, workstations, we’re there. If a relocated family needs living room, dining room and bedroom furniture temporarily, we’re there. If a home needs to be staged for re-sale — temporary home furniture can be delivered immediately.

Disasters: natural & man-made

My only troubled concerns are when I repeatedly hear of national and man-made disasters occurring especially in major urban centres of North America. Living in Toronto, many of us think we are in fact immune to such tragedies — but we are not.

Remember the flood waters in July which were relatively minor compared to the train derailment of Lac-Mégantic. Perhaps you recall the potential damage created by rioters at the G-20 conference? The horrific events that happened in Boston could happen right in our city.

The world, as beautiful as it is, is a tense community. We should always be prepared for the inevitable, as uneasy as it sounds. Both families and companies need to at least have the discussion on the topic, “What if?”

Back-up plan for furniture and housewares

You likely have a well-thought out plan for your office technology (back-up remotely or in the ‘cloud’) and have IT help in-house or out-sourced. You may have a plan that employees could work remotely, but have you considered a plan that includes furniture rental.

Rental companies play a serious part in disaster recovery. They have the furniture to ensure companies and families have minimum operating downtime during times of relief.

Just look at the United States. CORT Furniture Rental has been everywhere when disaster strikes, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Oklahoma bombing to name a few.(We just happen to be their Canadian partner, as the Global Network member)

Furniture rental – on your solution list

For the record, I am not predicting the inevitable, but I am recommending smart planning. Inquire how furniture rental can play a role in disaster planning. Whether it’s hundreds of beds or desks to be delivered immediately, there are solutions to everything.

Let furniture rental be on your solution list before a disaster occurs.

Ready to explore your furniture options?

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