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March 16, 2022

Best Furniture Store in Toronto – Executive Furniture Rentals

Why us?

Firstly, let me express my appreciation to the readers of the Toronto Star newspaper for voting Executive Furniture Rentals the best “furniture store” in the GTA and giving us the Diamond Award. The Readers Choice Awards were determined by over 90,000 votes to an array of existing businesses whereby top votes in a multitude of categories were declared the winners. Oh my, Executive Furniture beat out such incredible furniture companies such as Structube, Stoney Creek Furniture and Bay Boy! Is this a modern version of “The Mouse That Roared?”. On the surface, most definitely it seems to be, but upon closer examination, Executive Furniture was clearly able to demonstrate that they exceeded in three major categories: service, sustainability, and community.


Executive Furniture Rentals infrastructure is designed to provide product to clients, on average, within 72 hours. Whether it’s waiting for household goods to arrive (especially with current shipping delays), creating a model suite for home resale, office swing space, temporary corporate home or special event, Executive Furniture Rentals can deliver and set up when you need it. Executive Furniture does not necessarily sell furniture, they sell the “service” of having furniture, when you want it, where you want it.


Furniture rental is unique amongst the furniture industry. Instead of selling product that may eventually in time, end up in landfills, furniture rental is the environmental alternative which makes sense. Customers can rent furniture for a period of time, have Executive Furniture pick it up and/or exchange for a newer look. Executive Furniture simply refurbishes the furniture and re-rents the product or will donate it. It may also be put in their clearance department


Executive Furniture Rentals takes community involvement seriously. Not only do they donate furniture, but they have an active commercial Victory Garden that grows, every spring and summer, fresh vegetables and fruit, that is donated to the North York Food Bank. Executive Furniture is hoping other business owners will also do the same and contribute in fighting hunger within the GTA.

Also this year, Executive Furniture was involved with the Scarborough Health Network setting up large vaccine centers to fight Covid-19. Special rental furniture was brought into community centers to support the cause. Executive Furniture was proud to be on the team and support so many frontline workers.

Executive Furniture Rentals may not be as big as other amazing furniture companies in Toronto, but they have a purpose to deliver to their clients with professionalism, integrity and top service. Thank you once again to all the readers of the Toronto Star that recognize that quality of a company’s purpose and service is so very important in today’s economy.

Mark Miller

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