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March 31, 2023

How To Brighten Up Your Home For The Spring

Brighten up your home with the fresh feelings of spring and say goodbye to those winter blues. The days are getting longer and the weather is slowly getting warmer, with Easter around the corner we welcome spring with open arms! This season, we’re getting design inspiration from the spring blooms and sunnier days.

Keep on reading to find out how you can brighten up your home for the spring!


Declutter, Declutter!

When revamping your home, always begin with decluttering your space. Start your spring cleaning and clear your space of any unwanted belongings. This will allow your home feel more spacious and enhance its visual appeal.


Refresh with Pastels

A simple way to refresh a room is by painting the walls a brand-new colour. Think easter colours like pretty pastels. Pastel pinks, greens, yellows, and blues are the perfect shades to brighten up a space. These colours are associated with spring but can also represent new beginnings!


Light Neutrals

If you’re not a fan of pastel colours, you can’t go wrong with painting and decorating with light neutrals such as beige, sand, cream, and light brown. These colours are timeless and can easily transition through every season. By sticking to the lighter spectrum of neutrals, you can achieve that refreshing spring look in any room.



Get ready to embrace the joys of spring by adding accessories with vivid hues, lively patterns, and breathtaking florals to your home decor! Elevate your living space with an energetic flatweave rug that bursts with vibrance and pairs perfectly with a stunning muted flower art set that will transport you to a whimsical wonderland. Brighten up your room with a multicoloured throw, light pillows, and charming Easter figurines to breathe life into any space.


Bring in Lush Greenery

Transform your indoor spaces into a lush oasis by bringing in a burst of refreshing greenery and colorful blooms with stunning vases of flowers and houseplants. And why stop there? Elevate your outdoor living areas with the enchanting beauty of flower baskets, potted plants, and stylish containers. With these simple additions, you can infuse your home with natural vitality and create an inviting atmosphere that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.

Spring is the perfect time to refresh and renew your living spaces. By decluttering, painting with pastel or light neutral colors, adding accessories with vivid hues, and bringing in lush greenery, you can easily brighten up your home and welcome the fresh feelings of spring. With these simple tips, you can transform your living spaces into a refreshing oasis that will leave you feeling inspired and energized. So go ahead and embrace the joys of spring by bringing the beauty of the season indoors!


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