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August 11, 2010

Cleaning Wood Furniture

As the ultimate destination for Toronto furniture rental solutions, we here at Executive Furniture Rentals know a thing or two about cleaning wood furniture.  After all, our organization has roots in the Canadian furniture rental industry that are over half a century old, when Arthur Miller founded Canadian Furniture Leasing to provide affordable home furniture to those with no credit to veterans of World War II.  From those humble origins a lifetime ago, we’ve expanded to our current capacity, and we’ve picked up a fair amount of wisdom—especially about furniture—along the way.

In the past, we’ve given tips or advice about furniture-related tasks, such as cleaning leather furniture.  This time out, we’re going to take a similar route and give advice on cleaning wood furniture.

Cleaning wood furniture can take several forms as it depends largely on how the wood is finished.  Painted, oiled, polished, or unfinished wood surfaces all require different treatments in order to ensure an optimal cleanse.  The good news is that, unlike leather furniture, wood products can be protected a little bit more easily, and caring for them makes cleaning wood furniture that much simpler.

Ways you can protect your wood pieces include keeping them out of direct sunlight or away from areas that experience dramatic temperature or humidity swings.  This will keep the wood’s integrity stronger, which will make it less likely to become fibrous or cracked.  Fibrous or cracked woods are more susceptible to staining.

If the furniture is treated with an oil, wipe it clean daily to remove dust.  Using a store-bought furniture oil can restore natural luster and provide as a protectant against stains.  For painted wood furniture, clean with a damp sponge that has been wrung out for smudges.  Alternately, use a dry cloth for routine maintenance.

Ultimately, cleaning wood furniture is a piece-by-piece affair.  Don’t be afraid to consult the manufacturer’s guide to determine exactly how to clean your furniture.

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