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January 4, 2024

Decorate With Pantone 2024’s Colour of the Year

The new year brings new inspiration, new decor aesthetics, and new colours. And the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2024 is Peach Fuzz! This soft and warm hue is meant to impart a nurturing touch that speaks to us all and communicates tenderness, warmth, and welcome. And what better colour to utilize in your home’s paint, decor, and accessories!

This colour’s heartfelt sentiment can be used as a paint colour in a monochromatic room, as well as in the home’s most utilized rooms via accessories like small ceramics, canvas, pillows, and throws. Pantone’s Peach Fuzz is somewhere in between pink and orange and we’re sure to see it on a macro level in all areas of design.


How To Use Peach Fuzz In Your Interior Design 

What’s great about this warm and inviting colour is that it is versatile and pairs with many of the other design and colour trends for 2024. If you’re looking for a bold and regal look, the elegant touch of Peach Fuzz pairs well with dark and rich colours as well as neutrals. Mid-toned woods are also popular and trending in home decor and design and pair nicely with the warmth and welcome of peach tones. 

Peach tones are versatile in nature and effortlessly blend by adding an air of vintage charm with a modern touch. The colour’s ability to infuse a space with a soothing vibe and personality without overwhelming other strong elements in the room is unique and underestimated. Peach Fuzz’s warm and subtle touch can bring a sense of comfort and tranquility to a space and its soft and gentle quality works remarkably well in creating a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. As mentioned, peach hues are also versatile and can pair seamlessly with other colours by adding warmth without overwhelming the overall aesthetic.


Pantone Colour of the Year 2024: Peach Fuzz

We love that Pantone chose Peach Fuzz and hope many embrace this happy colour in their home decor. Peach tones offer a nostalgic sense of warmth that is rich while more vibrant peach tones deliver sentiment with added optimism. Infusing this pastel colour in your home or office space can be done subtly or more obviously depending on how adventurous you are. It makes for a great accent colour and can also be applied to drench a common area or room in warmth. Easy ways to incorporate this colour include area rugs and throw blankets as well. 


Contact Executive Furniture Rental today

Each colour has the power to transform the way we look and feel and when applied to home decor, it’s no different. At Executive Furniture Rentals, we offer a plethora of furniture options to accommodate, accentuate, and compliment your rooms of choice no matter your colour options. Pair peach-coloured throws and pillows on a rich or neutral-coloured sofa or sectionals for a bright and cozy pop of colour. Our Metric Coffee and End Table Set’s beautiful rich wood tones would also pair beautifully with a stack of lovely coffee table books and peach-coloured florals, candles, and vases.

If you’re interested in incorporating Peach Fuzz in your home decor and design and need furniture to compliment these hues than look no further than Executive Furniture Rental!

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