Demountable Walls – Have Your Walls and Move Them Too

Demountable Walls – Have Your Walls and Move Them Too

demountable walls

Yes, there is a better solution than drywall – demountable walls prove to be economical, flexible, quicker to install, eco-friendly, making building permits for walls obsolete and at the same time may contribute LEED points to your project certification.

Furthermore, the acoustic rating allows isolation of private work spaces. The best part is, if your company decides to relocate or re-configure….no problem, just re-install your walls!

But what is the cost?

Demountable walls come at a similar cost to dry wall construction. However, there is less mess. Most importantly, it can become either an asset by purchasing, 100% tax deductible by leasing, or provide immense flexibility by renting.

Allow my team to further explain the benefits of demountable walls, either to buy, lease or rent. Don’t let interior walls become your problem, let it become your advantage!

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