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February 4, 2015

Desk Rentals Adds Flexibility To Your Office

While the day to day business operations may have one need, new needs quickly arise. One solution to meet the ever-changing needs of a business is to constantly purchase new furnishings. However, this solution can be highly expensive and isn’t always viable. Instead of having to refurnish your entire office, desk rentals offer you the flexibility and functionality you desire. Continue reading for more information about how desk rentals add flexibility to your office.

Get Hip

Change the way your office works and bolster collaboration with the Hipster workstation. The Hipster comes with several different lengths and with the ability to run electrics throughout the middle of the workstation. This means your employees will be able to charge their smartphones, power laptops, and several other essential tasks. The frosted windows of Hipster workstations add an eclectic appeal that will transform your office. With the back-to-back capability, the Hipster can add the much needed collaboration and flexibility to your workspace. Best of all, the Hipster desk rental is available for varying terms based on your needs.

No Lurking Eyes

When your office needs privacy, the Privacy Carol is the premier way to equip your space. If your line of work involves telemarketing or strenuous phone activities, the Privacy Carol is the ideal desk rental for the job. In addition, these desk rentals find infinite uses in libraries and polling stations.

Don’t Stop the Music

Along the same lines as the Hipster, the Techno desk is ideal for collaboration. This workstation has a one-inch thick top and features steel metal with a perforated grid modesty panel.

You can even customize the desktop with a maple or mahogany color. Best all the Techno Desk can be combined to become a trendy “L” shaped executive desk.


The Boulevard is simply a must-have desk rental. Actually, it’s more like a fully functioning workstation with ample class and flair. The Boulevard comes in assorted heights and lengths to fit practically any space. With shelves and a cabinet, the Boulevard is the one man working show! You can even request power to transform the station into a true powerhouse.

Executive Decision

The C-Era II is the quintessential executive desk. This desk exudes elegance with it’s one-inch thick top and metal handles. This executive desk rental comes with two B/B/F pedestals. The Executive desk is designed exclusively for the executive in your office.

The best way to add flexibility and increase the functionality of your office is with desk rentals. Desk rentals are easily added and come in a wide variety of choices. For more information about the flexibility added through desk rentals, visit Executive Furniture Rentals.

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