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July 12, 2016

Do-It-Yourself Celebrations with Event Furniture Rental

event furniture rental
Pinterest, HGTV and online blogs have become incredible resources for event planners and party organizers to gain inspiration to transform their spaces for special events. From baby showers and bridal showers, to birthday parties and retirement parties, the possibilities for space planning and decorating are truly endless!

However, this easy access to creative outlets also means that your clients may no longer simply depend on your imagination and your keen eye for design to take the blank canvas of an empty room and turn it into an entirely new space to wow their guests. They may come to you with specific suggestions and designs they want you to recreate. With the endless possibilities that this scenario presents, an event furniture rental resource will give you access to the perfect tables and chairs to meet their requests.

Choosing the Right Tables

Special events like showers or parties almost always include serving food. This means that when your clients request free-standing bar tables for trendy food stations or coffee tables to conveniently hold cups of tea or dessert, you may need some help.

Rather than trying to squeeze these bulky items into the backs of multiple vehicles or renting trucks to haul your own furniture to the venue, an event furniture rental resource can provide the perfect pieces – and deliver them to your door. If your event host has seen some outside-the-box ideas, your furniture rental company should be able to provide you with solutions to fulfill these custom requests.

Selecting the Perfect Seating

Chairs are another key item for your special event. From seating the honored guests at the head table to first-impression-making seating at the entrance for guest book attendants, the right chairs are an integral component of your design. Although your hosts may have specific ideas in mind, be sure to turn their attention to the details they may have missed, including:

The Age of Guests

While some may love the idea of white leather couches and chairs for a baby shower, be sure to check if there will be children present, as white surfaces are incredibly easy to damage. Your event furniture provider should be able to redirect you to a more appropriate, yet still attractive, option.

Mobility of Guests

Many of the social settings showcased on popular event planning blogs incorporate new and different designs. When selecting your event furniture, be sure to consider if guests for the upcoming retirement party will be comfortable on those trendy stools. If not, it’s time to reconsider that grouping of couches and chairs.

The Best Way to Fulfill Your Clients’ Requests

Having a client who is educated about the many possibilities for the design of their special events, whether they’re held in a booked event space or at the host’s home or backyard, is a great benefit. Don’t limit what you can offer them when it comes to the perfect tables or seating. Give Executive Furniture Rentals a call today to request a quote for your next big event!

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