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December 2, 2013

Freedom of Choice: Employee Temporary Relocation

Corporate Relocation - we can furnish every room.

Corporate Relocation – we can furnish every room.

I relish freedom. Often I may take that word and meaning for granted. I enjoy my country, my city (although Rob Ford, you are testing my limits!), my business and all the other freedoms that accompany my citizenship.

I am very fortunate also to be in a business that provides choice to other people and companies on a daily basis. Freedom to choose, temporarily, the interior décor clients want for any home, condominium, office workplace or special event at the price they want to pay and the design that best suits their taste. It’s like a “home/office-in–the–box” that is custom chosen by our customers. That basically is the furniture rental business.

Now where am I going with this? When you think about it, thousands of employees and expatriates are transferred temporarily into Canada from other countries to work, annually. These can be engineers, managers, geologists, even CEOs and Presidents.

Their choice can be somewhat limiting when they decide to move onto a furnished home or condo. Supply may be limiting, especially when it is outside major urban areas. When inventory is available, the furnishings can be somewhat different to what the employee is accustomed to or just downright awful.

I am proud to say that I have a solution. Any company that is transferring / relocating employees to another city, you only need to find an unfurnished home, condo or apartment. Call us, and we’ll do everything else. That’s right, from furniture, linens, kitchenware to patio, BBQ, cleaning (maid service), cable, and even electricity.

We’ll create that furnished home for you. The kicker is, the client gets to choose everything from the colour of the sofa to that perfect piece of art. Furthermore, doing it this way will save the employee/company from 25% to 40% monthly, compared to a furnished equivalent on the market – absolute freedom of choice.

Live well and work productively. That is the business (and pleasure) that I am in.

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