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June 1, 2009

Furniture Home Staging

When it comes to selling a home, furniture home staging can be a huge help. It can give you a serious edge in selling your home by making your property look outstanding compared to others.

Prospective buyers browse several homes for sale every day, and they’re looking for one that fits them — one that they can see themselves living happily in. If a home is empty or full of very personal things, buyers may have a difficult time picturing themselves living there. It’s ideal to make the home look like a fantastic place to live. Buyers want to feel like they can call it home as soon as they move in. So think about furniture home staging.

Furniture home staging is more than just renting some furniture and calling it a day. A furniture home staging professional has the experience and knowledge that will allow them to transform a home. They’ll be able to find not only good furniture, but furniture that suits each room. For example, you wouldn’t want to put a king-size bed in a tiny bedroom.

Furniture home staging can also include draperies and window treatments as well as rugs and even wall color. A well-coordinated home will be appealing to buyers and could help you sell your home more quickly than if you had used your own furniture or no furniture at all.

Furniture home staging can also be used to help rent an apartment or a home, or even an office. This is for the same reason it works well for selling a home: it helps prospective renters see themselves living there.

If you’re trying to sell or rent an office or home, furniture home staging may be a great way to do that. If you’d like more information, contact us.


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