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November 26, 2012

Furniture Rental (The Century Club)

furniture rental      furniture rental

Furniture rental companies that service special events often have to meet expectations and demand for high inventory levels that often may seem unthinkable.  Welcome to the Century Club. These are the furniture rental companies that are deep in numbers of varying product with a minimum quantity of one hundred.

There seems to be a historic fascination with 100. A century has a hundred years. Ancient tribes were often subdivided 10 units of 1,000 households (100 each). We just celebrated 100 years of Grey Cup. In cricket, a century is comprised of 100 runs. The ancient Roman electoral system divided the people into centuries. One century equaled one vote. More importantly, if you are planning a large event, best to call a furniture rental company that is a member of the Century Club, to ensure you can temporarily have the numbers required. Executive Furniture Rentals is a good place to start!

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