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November 30, 2009

Furniture Rental World Wide

With the tap of your finger, the world seems so much smaller, yet, it has become better than ever, with immeasurable goods and services presented on your private screen. Quite amazing! This certainly is the case with furniture rental. All major furniture rental companies have web sites which you can learn, understand and even order online. The question is, even though a company’s first impression may be amazing, even though a company may have the highest Google ranking, does that make the service and the quality of the furniture better and dare I say, reliable? No, but there is an alternative way to measure a furniture rental company’s credibility.

One way that I am very proud of, is to be a member of the Cort Global Furniture Rental Network. The network is a group of 30 plus countries in the world that provide furniture rental with the capability of having a central reservation office to assist with the prompt and professional process of acquiring quality home and office furniture rental, anywhere in the world. This is an incredible advantage for global relocation companies and international corporations. Every member furniture rental company has been thoroughly screened by Cort Furniture Rental, a Berkshire-Hathaway company, to ensure that the highest standard of service and ethics is met. When a company uses a Cort Global member, they have chosen a company with the highest degree of references. Why do more relocation companies use Cort Global Furniture Rental Network members than any other furniture rental companies in the world? The answer: because they are better.

If you require furniture rental in another country, please click onto the “Globe” logo of the Executive Furniture Rentals website located on the homepage. That will get you started. Choose your destination country and you’ll be in touch with one of our operators within 24 hours. Furniture for hire or rental in the Global Village has never been so easy!

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