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January 18, 2018

Getting Creative With Velvet

Velvet has always enjoyed a certain sumptuous appeal that has never really gone out of style. With frequent waves in popularity, velvet always seems to be rediscovered in new ways.

Today, velvet adds a touch of elegance to clothing and accessories. In a home, it opens the door to adding rich decorating finishes that hint at luxury in nearly every room of the house.

Comfort in the Cloth

From its origin as a fabric for royalty and the wealthy to its current status as a feel-good fabric, it seems that velvet has plenty of natural appeal.

  1. Dress Up the Windows
  2. Velvet drapes are the original luxe home accessory. When you are trying to light the evening setting and create an entertainment scene worthy of praise, velvet curtains can help you accomplish just that.

  3. Mix it in your dining room
  4. Although a full velvet tablecloth might overpower a dining table, you can still dress up a table with touches of velvet. You can use a velvet table runner to add elegance and impact to the table.

  5. Have a Seat
  6. Add even more elegance to your dining table with velvet seat cushions, which look inviting and soften up a wooden dining chair while offering a warm, comfortable place to sit. Right now, their popularity is soaring, and you can find both seat cushions and velvet covers for your existing cushions.

  7. Toss a Pillow
  8. A throw pillow or two covered in velvet can add a special pop of luxury to a living room or sitting area.

  9. Add it to the bedroom
  10. Velvet bedspreads, throws, pillow shams, and accent pillows can all work together to create a rich feeling in the bedroom. Whether you want bright jewel tones for a majestic feel or deep reds and blues for a more romantic setting, velvet can transform the mood and the look of your bedroom with just a few simple additions.

When you’re looking for the right furniture to dress up your home with velvet, or any other pieces of furniture, consider Executive Furniture Rentals. We can help you find what you’re looking for.

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