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May 4, 2021

HERE We Grow Again – Literally!

Executive Furniture Rentals installs its first Commercial Victory Garden to assist in the supply of produce to Toronto Food Banks.

Victory Garden Poster
Courtesy Library and Archives Canada
Acc. No. 1983-28-670

Taken from a patriotic concept that originated during WWI thru the Great Depression and WWII, “The more produce that could be grown by Canadians in their front yards, vacant lots and former flower gardens, the more food, soldiers and munitions could be shipped to Canada’s allies overseas. This was because not only did victory gardening help meet existing export commitments, but it also freed rail cars and transport trucks to move other strategic goods instead of food. That victory garden produce was also part of a healthy diet according to the newly created Canada’s Official Food Rules (1942). [The Canadian Encyclopedia]

The wars of Europe and Asia may be in the past, but here in Toronto, like so many other international urban and rural areas, we are still at war. The war against hunger! According to the “Who’s Hungry 2020 Report”, If current food bank usage trends continue, we project there will be close to 1.4 million visits to food banks in Toronto in 2021. Food banks are preparing to meet their needs for years to come.” I hope to elaborate, in the near future, why this number is so high, but for now, let me explain what Executive Furniture Rentals is doing to take action.

Just like the days of the creation of Victory Gardens, we at EFR have a vision of how commercial Canada can come to the assistance of millions of people within our own borders. With so much unused property that private commercial owners, commercial businesses, property developers, and investors have available, why not convert the unused land to serve the common good. To feed the hungry.

At EFR, we have taken spare land on the east side of our facility and built, in partnership with Bufco, The Backyard Urban Farm Company, 6 raised beds (to start). Throughout the growing season, we will be cultivating cabbage, onions, radishes, arugula, celery, peas, lettuce and so much more. It will all be organically raised. When we harvest, it will be all donated to our local food banks. Imagine if other companies joined the war effort and did the same. Employees would love to be part of the gardening process. It’s a feel-good, experience. On top of our commercial Victory Garden, EFR will be donating a percentage of it’s gross revenues to food banks in the GTA. It’s war and all resources are required.
What a breath of fresh air, literally, after such a long-suppressed year. When things loosen up more, by the summer, please drop by our facility just to personally experience growth, renewal.

We will keep you informed as the growing season develops. “V” for Victory!


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