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The Home Staging Industry

By now, we all know that home staging has grown into a legitimate multi-million dollar industry, servicing many home sellers with talented interior solutions to maximize real estate value. But did you know the decorative talents of home stagers are being successfully used in other sectors such as temporary relocation and corporate housing?

The Opportunity for Home Stagers and Rental Companies

As a furniture rental company, I am finding more opportunities to provide turn-key housing solutions to temporarily relocated employees by contracting or referring home stagers to plan and prepare corporate houses and suites. Companies who rent furniture as a housing option are beginning to demand the suite (or house) be completely ready for the employee to move in: furniture planned; kitchen; bath; bedrooms and linen all organized; and the house has become a home.

The Benefits

I truly enjoy providing a custom corporate residence option. The economic benefits for companies are immeasurable from a cost benefit analysis to instant employee productivity. When asked, in my mind there is no better qualified person to provide a decorative, budget conscious solution than the professional home stager.

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