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May 13, 2009

Home Staging: Perspectives from a Furniture Rental Guy

I love home staging! Over the past 10 years, home staging has exploded into a legitimate, professional full time industry, when in fact, it once was the exclusive domain of “home decorators” and interior designers. It is estimated that over 1300+  graduate an initial certificated home staging course annually in Ontario . Hey, you can even buy a copy of “Home Staging for Dummies”.

So what makes home stagers good? Well, like all professions, the “good ones” are locked in the 20/80 rule. Twenty per cent of all home stagers are doing 80% of all the business. It is not too dissimilar to what is experienced by the real estate industry. Like real estate, the top home stagers are entrepreneurial, professional, detail-oriented and have an instinctive feeling of what is best for the client and their main objective – to sell his/her property!

Although from the outside home staging may seem easy to do….like just taking a 3-day course and off you go! But that only takes you to the 5-yard line. It prepares potential home stagers with the tools to become a successful professional. Enhancing one’s education with additional learning modules and experience greatly helps, learning to be resourceful takes any home stager to a new level.

Aside from window coverings, paint and accessories, furniture rental for home staging can be essential to the look required. Everything from living to dining to bedroom furnishings are available to transform a home in 48 hours.

Honestly, I have seen homes sit on the market for 4 months, yet, after home staging with furniture rentals, it sold in one weekend!!

What I don’t understand is that some home sellers are prepared to pay up to 5%  in commission, yet balk at an introductory consultation with a home stager for around $250. Furthermore, I have seen home sellers pay as low as .002% of the selling price to have a home sell quickly with home staging. That’s a lot of zeros in the opposite direction. It doesn’t result to much money, yet, it works!

As home staging further progresses as a marketing tool, I foresee national or international standards created for home stagers, again to be compared to the real estate industry or design community who have created licensing qualifications for its  members. This would even instill greater confidence to clients and more importantly, it will just make better home stagers.

I hope in the future to further illustrate how furniture rental in Toronto (Ontario) has transformed itself very quickly to the demand of home staging professionals. In fact, it has made furniture rental companies better from a product offering and service perspective.

Moral to the Blog: Hire a home stager and sell that home now!

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