Home Staging Toronto: Making Life Happen in Your Living Room

Home Staging Toronto: Making Life Happen in Your Living Room

We here at Executive Furniture Rentals are at the forefront of the home staging Toronto scene.  Though our business, when it began, was initially focused on clearance, rental, and rent-to-own furniture, we’ve since expanded our interests and concerns and wholly embrace the importance of this home staging Toronto sale technique.

Boiled down to its fundamentals, the essence of home staging Toronto is to portray the Toronto home or office space you’re selling in the best possible light.  This is often done by subtly augmenting the space with carefully chosen, judiciously employed furniture and decorative elements.  At Executive Furniture Rentals, we can recommend any number of highly qualified, certified home stagers, any of whom will make your space live up to its fullest in preparation for any showings.

Home staging Toronto isn’t simply a matter of putting a bouquet of flowers on the table and baking cookies.  It’s about drawing the most you can from the unique dimensions of your home and office.  Doing that takes an understanding of how people perceive and interact with a space.

When perusing some other blogs about home staging, we came across this solid article about versatile furniture when decorating your home.  Though it isn’t technically about home staging Toronto, many of the same principles apply.  Much of the post is given over to selecting furniture with an attention for specific function over form—opting for benches or ottomans, say, when you anticipate entertaining larger groups of people.  With home staging Toronto, it’s much the opposite: Since you’re not using the furniture for much of anything except as an aesthetic element, form necessarily takes precedence over function.

However, once the article moves toward decorating, it dispenses some good tips.  It helps to build furniture in a room around a focal point, rather than haphazardly strewing furniture about the floor.  The example the article uses is using a couch as the primary piece of furniture.  Subsequent pieces of furniture should be selected and arranged with that couch in mind.  That will go a long way toward creating harmony.

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