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November 16, 2016

How to Choose a Colour Scheme For Your House Staging Furniture

When staging your home to sell it’s advised that you use a neutral colour palette to attract a wide spectrum of potential buyers. Neutrals are welcoming and calming, but if your entire space is devoid of colour it will be too bland and somber. It is imperative you have fun with colour in your accessories and accent furniture. You want the colours to really pop against the neutrals.

Always stage your home with furniture rental pieces that add personality and which help buyers envision themselves nestling in. For example, your accent pieces should be different shapes, sizes, patterns, and textures. These types of statement pieces will help to add variety to the monotonous neutral palette.

Size of furniture is also fundamental in staging a room, so keep the scale of the furniture relative to the dimensions of the room – you want your home to appear as spacious and functional as possible.

Don’t forget, accessorizing is also key in sprucing up a staged home – think bold! Pull bold colours and patterns that would work well with the chosen accent pieces and neutral staple furniture.


Use mirrors, patterned rugs, artwork, pillows, and table accessories to add another layer of dimension to your furnishings. All of these touches help to make your home feel more cozy and inviting. Keep in mind furniture finishes on accent pieces – like mirror and metal – reflect light and can enlarge a space.

To add a design flair that will further draw in your buyers, play with textures in fabrics; this can range from throws to bedding to curtains, and so on. Mixing materials is important to add the allure you desire while also giving more versatility.

It comes down to being creative with furniture while appealing to everyone.

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