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September 15, 2022

How To Create The Perfect Home Office

According to Statista, approximately 10% of remote workers in Canada find that an inadequate physical workplace hinders their ability to accomplish work every hour. That’s why we think the key to a productive workday at home is having a space dedicated for you to get work done.


Decorating your space and having furniture for your home office ensures a productive workday regardless if you’re working remotely throughout the week or if you run your own business. At Executive Furniture Rental, we have a wide selection of rental office furniture to help you furnish your home office whether you’re working from home in the long-term or short-term. Here are some tips to get started on creating your perfect home office.


Choose A Location

Wherever you decide to place your home office can really impact how productive your workday can be. Think about the location of your space, is there enough natural lighting? Is there enough electrical outlets? Are there too many distractions nearby or the router doesn’t reach the room? These are things to consider when choosing a location in your home for your work-from-home space.


Get Comfy

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in your home office, you’ll want to choose a comfortable chair. Having a chair that is ergonomic and supports your back will ensure that you have a productive workday in your home office. With our wide selection of office chairs, we guarantee that you won’t need to sacrifice comfort for style. Our office chairs are both comfy and stylish for your home office. Here are some of our favourite office chairs:


Your Creative Space, Your Desk

Your desk is where all your creative ideas are developed and executed. When choosing a desk, choose one that suits your taste and gets you excited to work.

When decorating your home office, the key to the perfect workspace is choosing pieces that flow with the overall vibe of your home. Find a desk that matches your needs and your style. Like to stand while you work? Our Hi/Lo Electric Desking System allows you to adjust the height of your desk whether you like to stand or sit while working. Prefer a rustic look to your office? Our Tucker Desk is made from old reclaimed wood and accented with an iron frame. Take a look at our favourite desks:

Storage and Organization

Having enough storage space for all your files, papers, and stationary is essential to your workspace, especially if your office is lower in square footage. Choosing bookcases and file cabinets ensures that everything has a place and that you find what you’re looking for without losing productivity time.


Here are our storage and organization picks:


Artwork & More

Lastly, the most important thing to creating the perfect home office is to add your own touch. Photos, posters, or artwork help customize your space to your liking. Adding these final touches can help motivate you to be more productive or increase your overall happiness. For example, you could put a photo of your family to remember why you’re doing what you do. On the other hand, a pop of colour from a piece of artwork can help increase happy feelings.


Here are some of our favourite pieces of artwork:

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