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May 9, 2024

How To Decorate Your Spare Room As An Empty Nester

Home Office From A Spare Room

It’s the end of an era when a child finally moves out of the house. We’ve met a lot of empty nesters who are enthusiastic to redecorate and make their newly found space functional, beautiful, and enjoyable to spend time in. While the transition can certainly stir up some emotions, at Executive Furniture Rentals we offer all the furniture solutions you need to make the space truly your own! Now the question is, how to decorate your spare room?

This can surely be an exciting time—a new incarnation so to speak. Empty nesters are often left with a spare bedroom or two that can be used for all sorts of purposes. Some of the most popular options include a spare bedroom, a craft or hobby room, a home office, or a multifunctional room that combines more than one of these options.

So Many Possibilities

For home offices or craft and hobby rooms, empty nesters have a plethora of options to choose from! Consider some beautiful premium quality cabinetry, designer furniture, or even a sofa bed for hosting. Long narrow rooms would best suit a thinner long desk with shelving overhead to make use of the vertical space. Match that with a beautiful comfortable couch and a small side table on the opposite wall and your home office makes for an attractive addition.


Tips for Home Offices

For a larger spare room being converted into offices, consider a soft and comfortable sectional for guests to relax during the day and/or stay overnight. Placing your desk in a floating position off the wall also allows you to make extra use of the wall and the space it provides. No matter the size of your space, always maximize the use of your wall space to allow for more storage (via open or closed shelving) and more floor space for guests to move more easily and comfortably. 


Build A Guest Bedroom With Your Spare Room

Designing a new guest bedroom can also include a multifunctional space. Consider your room’s dimensions and decide what size bed you’d like alongside a small desk with space for a laptop. This makes hosting guests comfortable and allows them the opportunity to use the room in multiple ways!


Rent with Executive Furniture Rental Today!

Empty nesters have a unique opportunity to best utilize these newly discovered spaces and truly celebrate them with family and friends. While old bedrooms certainly hold a lot of fond memories, your reconfigured rooms can present themselves as a new opportunity to discover new ways of enjoying your home and create new exciting memories. 

With plenty of creative solutions and options, Executive Furniture Rentals’ extensive catalog of premium quality furniture offers many ways for you to reimagine and reinvent your newly found spaces. Whether you’re creating a new guest bedroom, home office, hobby room, or all of the above, our furniture experts can best guide you to find the most functional, comfortable, and still modern furniture for your new spaces! Contact us today to get started!