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October 14, 2015

How to Use Property Brothers Design Ideas for Your Home

property brothers designs

As the most popular home renovation duo on TV, Drew and Jonathan Scott – the Property Brothers – have plenty of design experience. Out of this experience has come many design concepts that have allowed them to transform houses into dream homes. That being said, you don’t have to only enjoy the Property Brothers design ideas on TV. You can take some of their concepts and integrate them into your own home style. Here is how you can use the Property Brothers design ideas for your home:

Learn how to leverage the value of open concept

This is one of those Property Brothers design ideas that follows them to all of their renovations. When you create openness within a space, it feels larger and the design can flow better. In most cases, the Property Brothers’ open concept design begins with knocking down a wall or two, but this is not the only way that they add to the openness of the space. They also choose furniture and decorations that don’t overwhelm a room. This means that size and shape are huge considerations when you choose couches, chairs, tables, etc.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up a little

The types of houses that the Scott brothers renovate range from relatively new to buildings that were constructed many decades ago. The era in which the home was built drastically affects its architectural styling. In some cases, this could lead one to try and math the architecture of the home with their decorations. The Property Brothers, however, have proven time and again that you don’t have to do this. By adding some modern flare to a home built in the 60’s, or a partially vintage style to a home build in the 21st century, you can really create some unique character for the home.

Following the latest design trend isn’t necessarily a great idea

New design trends pop up all of the time, but just because something has gained a little bit of steam within the design community doesn’t mean that you should follow suit. For instance, Drew recently discussed how he dislikes the current “Chilly Modern” design trend, which simplifies the design to the point that he believes it feels “cold and cheap,” and “has no personality.” This particular design trend ignores the value of great character pieces that make a piece of real estate feel like a home. Instead of assuming that the latest design trend is something that will work, take a look at multiple styles, and choose what works best.

Don’t be afraid of technology

Some designers innately fear technology in the home because they feel it will ruin the style of a room. However, technology has evolved to the point that you no longer have to deal with bulky, out of place gizmos. Instead, technology is able to be integrated directly into a home’s design. For example, one of the Property Brothers design ideas that Jonathan readily discusses is modern white fridges. Instead of old-school white fridges, which can come off as cheap, he refers to white “smart” fridges with a sleek glass look and internet accessibility. This enhances both the style and the utility of a room in ways that low-tech design solutions cannot; because the cost of technologies like this is plummeting, we can expect this to become popular fairly soon.

Give your home the style upgrades it deserves

You don’t need an endless interior designer budget to make your home look amazing. All you need is a little inspiration, a few ideas from pros like the Property Brothers, and the right pieces.

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