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December 8, 2017

How to Winterize Your Home with Seasonal Decor

As winter rolls around, you start to prepare for the cold winter weather. For many parts of the country, that means putting away summer gardening tools and dragging out snow shovels. Although some parts of “winterizing” aren’t exactly exciting, preparing your home décor for the changing seasons is a fun way to create excitement that lasts all year round.

Falling into Winter

One way to start transforming your décor is to take existing fall decorations and winterize them. Don’t toss those pumpkins and pine cones once fall is over. Use them to create wonderful winter decorations instead. Just add some paint, glitter, and you can extend the life of those fall decorations.

Here are some easy ways to transform your fall décor:

Create a pumpkin snowman: Using 3 small pumpkins you can create the perfect snowman. Jazz it up with a hat, scarf, and two eyes made out of rocks and you’re all set.

Use glitter: That foam faux pumpkin may have started its life as a Halloween decoration, but you can turn it into a holiday treasure by spraying it with silver or gold spray paint, painting on some clear decoupage glue, and covering the section with glitter. You can even add small decorative pearls or jewels.

Create Christmas cones: Spraying pine cones with white or silver paint gets them winter-ready to complement your holiday décor. Arrange them with garland and candles for a stylish winter centerpiece.

A Home for the Holidays

There are a variety of ways to creatively winterize your home décor. One of the easiest is to change seasons in your living room by changing out throw pillows and adding a warm, snuggly blanket to the couch.

Bring the Holidays to your bathroom as well. Hang a white, red, gold, or silver shower curtain around your tub, and add festive Christmas ornaments to each shower curtain ring for a creative and unexpected holiday touch.

If you want to make more elaborate changes with the perfect accent chairs or end tables or even a sofa upgrade, Executive Furniture Rental offers a full range of options for every room. Choose from full room setups or individual pieces to create the perfect look you can change with the season.

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