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April 12, 2018

How to Increase Employee Productivity in a Small Business

One of the biggest challenges in today’s workplace is that the work people do and how they do it, has changed. For example, in the modern workplace, collaboration is key. A personal connection to work and a sense of purpose help drive productivity and creativity. It’s important for business owners to create a space that supports collaborative work.

Here’s a look at some of the key factors in creating a workplace layout that nurtures productivity.

Comfort Is Key

It goes without saying that comfortable employees are more effective, but comfort from one person to the next can vary. This is particularly true in workplaces where different generations are working together, so your environment should reflect the needs of your individual employees.

You need to consider employee comfort on an individual level, and make sure that there is a variety of seating and workspace options. Perhaps consider renting office furniture that combines traditional and contemporary pieces to create a space that is both visually inviting and comfortable for employees. This way, as your employee needs change, so can your furniture.

Design for Downtime

More and more, businesses are recognizing the value of downtime in productivity. Downtime is essential to prevent overwork and burnout and to heighten productivity.

Businesses that provide a time and space for breaks can reap the rewards of boosted productivity. Create a lounge area for your employees, but consider renting furniture rather than making a long-term purchase.

Get Back to Nature

Research shows that nature has many healing effects, such as lowering blood pressure and heart rate, but it’s also great for productivity. Sunshine is a proven mood-booster and helps improve focus and mental outlook.

When it comes to the layout of your office, position the desks and workstations in areas with the most windows for plenty of sunlight. If you have an outdoor space, add benches, tables, and some attractive landscaping to make it an inviting space.

With today’s workplace continuously changing, so should your furniture. Contact Executive Furniture Rental to see what we can do to help improve your business.

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