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April 11, 2024

Maximizing Space With Rental Furniture

Maximizing your living space and layout with the right furniture can make or break a room. Asking yourself the right questions before embarking on a plan to change your space will allow you to better plan and execute a layout that is comfortable, welcoming, and best suited for you, your needs, and those of your family or guests. At Executive Furniture Rentals we know that furniture planning can be frustrating if it’s not your forte or you feel like you’re working with minimal space. But it can be done and maximizing your space with the right pieces can make all the difference! 

Organize & Declutter

The simplest way to maximize your space is to keep an organized and clean home. Without clutter, your home will feel larger, more airy, and enjoyable to spend time in. Other simple tips to make your space appear larger are to choose light-coloured paint for the walls, and mirrors and reflective surfaces (like glass or marble tables) to reflect more light and allow your space to appear more open.

Multi-functional Furniture

Balancing the design of your room with functionality while trying to make enough storage to fit all of your belongings can be challenging as well. Maximize your space by opting for multifunctional furniture, where every piece has more than one function. For example, select furniture pieces that double as storage, including benches that have cabinet storage underneath, as well as sofas with storage space. You could also use ottomans to double as coffee tables and leg rests so that guests have convenient surfaces nearby that are multifunctional. 

Round Furniture

Maximize your space by utilizing round-shaped furniture including round dining tables and coffee tables which take up less space and add more softness to the space with the rounded edges. By considering how you will use the specific space, you’ll be able to better design your living area by creating thoughtful conversational areas that are placed around a focal point. While some may think sectionals are bulky and less than ideal, sectionals are great pieces of furniture that serve to offer maximum seating while anchoring the room and utilizing corners of the room that may have remained empty otherwise.  

Browse Our Wide Selection of Rental Furniture

Whatever your furniture needs, at Executive Furniture Rentals we’re here to take the guesswork out of finding your ideal furniture and making your furniture function exactly as you need it to for your desired space. Browse our selection of premium club chairs, ottomans, coffee tables, and sectionals to offer your space ample seating for entertaining and everyday life. 

At Executive Furniture Rentals we also offer a wide range of rounded furniture including coffee tables, ottomans, and modular pieces. Our selection of available sectionals are flexible in design and can be reconfigured to best compliment your spaceas well. Our catalog of premium pieces are functional, comfortable, and welcoming, allowing you to best use your space in a way that maximizes your layout while leaving a luxurious impression that serves your guests and family well! 

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