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December 21, 2023

New Year, New Look: Home Decor Trends for 2024

The new year is just around the corner and we’re excited to see the new and continuing home decor trends for 2024! In this blog, we’ll be exploring these existing trends and how Executive Furniture Rentals can help you achieve these trending looks in your space in 2024.



It’s no surprise that an upswing in warm minimalist design is forecast to increase in popularity and will continue into 2024 and beyond. This look is one that our customers crave, with a home decor aesthetic that’s softer, warmer, and more sustainable. We love that this style offers clean lines and a relaxed sophistication that’s warm, earthy, and nature-inspired with modern shapes and natural textures that include lux and timeless elements.


Monochromatic Colour Palettes

Another home decor trend for 2024 is monochromatic palettes and colour drenching. This refers to a room being overwhelmingly saturated in one colour for impact and depth. Many of these colours are rich and dark and blend well with darker furniture like rich browns and leathers.


Modern Style

Furniture trends are showing a resurgence in the popularity of sectionals alongside mid-century modern design. These pieces offer practical and functional design styles that are more comfortable, timeless and are manufactured better for comfort without sacrificing style. With the ability to move pieces of a sectional around (as well as add and remove pieces) alongside high-performance fabrics, sectionals offer an opportunity to function well in any space by adjusting to any lifestyle and needs. Trends are showing that a space’s core building blocks, including larger furniture pieces and accessories, appear to favour a style that is traditional, transitional, as well as casual.


Trends for 2024 are forecasting home decor looks that deliver a feel that’s fresh yet familiar. This sense of comfort is easy to create with furniture options that are neutral-based and offer rich and durable textures with visual interest. Curate a look for your home or space that is relaxed, welcoming, and on-trend. With our plethora of options available, customers are able to curate trending transitional spaces with ease and style.


Contact Executive Furniture Today!

At Executive Furniture Rentals, we offer furniture pieces in an array of textures and subtle styles to seamlessly create a warm and inviting home and/or space. Explore our catalog of premium leather chairs and headboards, as well as our mid-century modern storage cabinets, benches, and coffee tables. The traditional aesthetic also allows customers to layer furniture easily in order to create interesting vignettes with pieces that can truly tell a story.


If you’re interested in creating a trending aesthetic in your home or space with furniture pieces that seamlessly assimilate to the latest trends while still maintaining a high level of comfort and functionality then look no further than Executive Furniture Rentals! Contact us today.



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