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November 22, 2017

No Place Like (a New) Home for the Holidays

If you are relocating and moving into a new place during the holidays, it is probably safe to say that you’re feeling anxious about your transition. It’s important to minimize these feelings of stress by understanding the challenges, which can help you prepare for your first celebration in your new home.

Life coach, Catharine Ecton specializes in helping people with changes and new beginnings. She advises, “Be adventurous. Leave behind your own traditions and begin to build new ones. Put yourself in a positive mindset of finding opportunities to learn and discover different traditions.”

“A period of grieving is okay as you settle into a new routine and create a new community,” Ecton says. It is totally normal to feel mixed feelings – grief and loss combined with excitement and happiness. And since change is inevitable with your move, there will be changes in your routines and relationships.

A Family Affair 

Some family members will not be able to embrace these new changes, so it’s important to to talk it out with them. ” Take your time to talk through the holiday activities with your family,” Ecton advises. “Make or buy simple decorations, and retrieve some of your old ones from packing boxes. Reorient yourself to a new chapter, a new beginning.”

It is especially important to talk to children and listen to their fears and concerns. A great idea would be to create new holiday traditions as they may miss friends and activities from their old neighbourhood.

“Notice what is like and not like where they used to live,” Ecton says. “Accept and adapt to differences through discussions and creative activities, such as making crafts, becoming involved in your neighbourhood, or spending time with families from school.” Thankfully, with social media nowadays it’s easy to stay connected to friends and family and to maintain your relationships.

Claiming Your Space 

One perfect way to make your new space more homey is to entertain guests. Although you may not have established relationships yet, a good place to start would be with new co-workers. Encourage guests to bring a plus one, and that could help break the ice.

Putting a new place together is a lot of work, make it easier by visiting Executive Furniture Rentals, to make your transition as seamless as possible. We can help you look at quick and easy options to turn your new space into the place you call home.

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