Office Furniture Toronto: Buyers Growing Wary of Price Tag

Office Furniture Toronto: Buyers Growing Wary of Price Tag


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We pride ourselves in providing office furniture Toronto at a fair price.  We also pride ourselves in being able to offer office furniture Toronto in a variety of ways, such as via rental or by way of clearance furniture sales.  Both of these options allow increased flexibility for office furniture Toronto purchasers, permitting them to acquire the furniture they’re looking for in the most cost-effective way available to them.

Cost-effective office furniture Toronto acquisition is increasingly important these days, even with rumors of an economic rebound on the horizon.  According to an article about office furniture we found on HeraldNet, the website for The Herald of Everett, Washington, there appears to be a trend in the Puget Sound area away from the purchase of brand-new furniture and towards the purchase of clearance furniture, something we may see mirrored for purchases of office furniture Toronto.

Brian Hollingshead, the owner of Everett Office Furniture, a retailer that sells new and used office furniture in the Everett area, has certainly noticed a trend in his own business.  Where two years ago about 25 percent of his sales were for used or clearance furniture, today, that number hovers closer to half.  That’s a pretty big jump.  Hollingshead also has a wonderful quote about the rationale for selling clearance furniture.

“You put a desk in a spot and there isn’t much to go wrong with it,” he said.

We can certainly agree with that statement.  Clearance furniture at Executive Furniture Rentals is always top-notch, and our office furniture Toronto is particularly strong.  Since office furniture Toronto is often more sturdy than home furniture, something the HeraldNet article points out, finding excellent pieces of pre-owned furniture is surprisingly easy.

The next time you’re considering office furniture Toronto, it might help to think beyond purchasing new furniture.  Clearance furniture and rental solutions are also great options.  Contact us today to learn more.

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