Office Furniture Toronto: Own Famous Furniture!

Office Furniture Toronto: Own Famous Furniture!

This weekend is an event to remember for office furniture Toronto!  On November 20-21 we at Executive Furniture Rentals are holding our renowned Executive Furniture Warehouse Annual Office Furniture Toronto Clearance Sale.  It’s located at 900 Caledonia Rd, and runs from 9 a.m. through 3 p.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. through 2 p.m. on Sunday.

The Toronto Sun ran a furniture rental article about our sale and titled it “Buy a Chair a Celebrity Sat In.”  It’s true!  Since our Annual Clearance Sale features pieces of furniture used on movie sets, in home staging, and on movie sets, there’s a chance (however slim) that a piece you buy has been sat in or otherwise used by a notable figure!  Now’s your chance to buy memorabilia.

Of course, another reason to buy office furniture Toronto from our Annual Clearance Sale is to take advantage of excellent deals on barely-used furniture.  Call us boring, but we think that the most exciting part about the chairs  used in the G20 summit that we’re selling for $99 is, well, that we’re selling them for $99.  And that’s just indicative of the sort of deals you’ll be able to find there.  Trust us when we say it’s worth your while to stop by, especially if you’re looking for home or office furniture.

Good enough for state dignitaries, good enough for us: That’s the Executive Furniture Rentals motto!  Well, not really, but it’s certainly a sentiment we can get behind.

As the leader of office furniture Toronto, we’re proud of our selection, much of which will be on display this weekend.  If you’re looking for something other than office furniture Toronto, check out our other services, all of which are tailored to making relocation simpler and easier.  In addition to office furniture in Toronto, our suite of services include home furniture rental, custom corporate housing, home staging in Toronto, and special events furnishings.  We’re also proud members of CORT Furniture’s global network, which has your furniture rental needs covered from Andorra to Venezuela.

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