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December 21, 2009

Relocating Employees? A Secret to Save Money

Relocating employees? Here’s a little-known secret: Companies that temporarily relocate their employees for assignment in Canada have an option that can be a cost savings of large proportion. This alternative is the hiring of a full-service furniture for hire company.

Statistically, the United States engages in the services of furniture rental by more than 80% globally than any other country. However, Canadian corporations, relocation companies, and government ministries are beginning to see substantial savings in comparison to furnished corporate housing providers. Savings that can amount in excess of 40% for temporary assignments of 12 months or more.

Executive Furniture Rentals takes temporary furnished apartments and furnished houses in Canada one step further. Not only will Executive Furniture Rentals supply home rental furniture for the bedroom, living room and dining room, they will provide the bed linens and kitchen supplies, as well – all on a temporary basis to create a complete corporate home.

Now when comparing furniture rental with corporate housing, traditionally, companies often lean towards the convenience of having all services on one bill. Executive Furniture Rentals’ custom corporate housing division will provide utility services, cable, high-speed internet, phone and cleaning services, all under one bill. Companies only have to pay the lease of the apartment, house or condominium and pay Executive Furniture Rentals separately. Just two bills, yet, what a savings!

Let’s provide an example. A well known condo building in downtown Toronto presently has a reputable corporate housing provider, renting a one bedroom furnished suite for $3,800 per month. This includes all amenities i.e. parking, cleaning services etc. In the same building, a client of Executive Furniture Rentals is paying $1,650 per month for a 12 month lease and $1,150 per month for furniture, bedroom supplies, kitchen supplies, cable, high-speed internet, phone, cleaning services, tax etc. The savings, in comparison to the aforementioned housing provider is $1000 per month or $12,000 per year!! That is a 26.3% savings- in downtown Toronto. When companies use Executive Furniture Rentals – they save!

Please don’t take me wrong. I truly have respect for reputable corporate housing providers in Canada. They perform an excellent service, especially for short term needs of 90 days or less. In fact, Executive Furniture Rentals supports many of the major corporate housing providers’ furniture rental needs and are always willing to be creative to serve their objectives. My point is simply there are options for corporations to save money especially for reduced budgets. I invite you to contact me to find out more how furniture rental can save you money. P.S.- Have a wonderful holiday season!!

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