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February 25, 2010

Renting Furniture Helps Rent Your Property

A friend of ours forwarded us a great article recently published at, titled “Landlords Move In Furniture to Help Rent Properties.” It seems that more and more landlords are realizing how attractive, quality furniture already in place can help make a home more appealing to potential renters. Some are even marketing their properties as furnished, which is a big plus for renters who don’t have their own furniture. Home staging is a great idea and renting furniture for this purpose simply makes sense vs. buying it.

One of our favorite quotes from the article is this one: “If the furnishings are done in good taste and are gender-neutral, I think that when someone walks in they already feel like it’s a home versus just an empty shell.” This is a great point. If a person can see himself at home in a space they’re considering, they’re more likely to rent it or buy it.

Though the article focuses quite a bit on landlords who rent apartments furnished with their own extra furniture (this saves them the trouble of moving it or storing it), they mention the benefits of home staging: “We have showed our furnished properties to renters who have their own furniture and I think it just helps sell the space because … it’s staged.”

Consider Home Staging

Whether you’re trying to rent or sell your home, consider home staging. It’s easy and affordable, and it could pay off greatly if your property rents or sells much more quickly than if it were empty. Businesses like Executive Furniture Rentals make furniture rental for home staging a breeze. We’re proud to offer fantastic looking, quality furniture that will make your home sparkle. We have everything from bedroom sets to sofas to dining room tables and even home office furniture.

Stop by our Toronto furniture showroom, contact us online or call us for more information:(416) 785-0932 in Toronto, or 1 (800) 618-1733 toll-free. And if you’re looking for Toronto used furniture, we have that, too!

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