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May 24, 2018

Space Saving Design Tips for Your Studio Apartment

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Living in a studio apartment doesn’t have to cramp your style. Despite what you may think, studio apartment design can lend itself to creativity and minimalism in the best of ways. A “less is more” approach seems to be on everyone’s minds these days, and the bare necessities keep things clean and simple. With a small space, you can still be flexible with your design while keeping it within budget. There’s no reason to waste valuable space that you only use a portion of the time, so be sure to consider these tips when putting your studio apartment design together.

Hide the Clutter

When your space is limited, there’s no room for clutter. You’ve got to be versatile. Therefore, make sure everything has a place, even if it’s hidden. There are creative storage options available for every room in the home. For example, in the living room you can store your TV remotes and board games in an ottoman with storage space. In the kitchen, you can use a small bar cart when you run out of cabinet room, and in the bedroom, under-the-bed clothing bins are perfect for out-of-season jackets.

Maximize your Space

If you live in a studio apartment, one thing’s for certain: you know how important it is to maximize your space. That’s why choosing pieces that have multiple functions is important. Daybeds can serve as a couch by day and bed by night. Expandable furniture such as a kitchen table with a removable leaf or nesting coffee tables, provides extra space, while still offering the function you need.

Creativity Is Key

To ensure your studio apartment feels like your own while making the most of every inch, get creative. Don’t let any space go to waste, and that includes the ceiling and walls. Use your ceiling to hang hooks for pots and pans, or add a mirror to the wall to make the room feel bigger. Efforts that may seem small can make a big impact on the interior design of a studio apartment.

Although your space may be limited, Executive Furniture Rentals can help fill your home with functional pieces that maximize your studio apartment life.

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