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November 21, 2014

Staging Furniture Rental for Your Open House

You may never have considered renting furniture for the staging of your home during the sale process, but in an increasingly visual world like ours, this is often the only way to do things. First impressions are everything, and everyone wants to always look their best all the time, and the same goes for your home. Your home is likely to impress more potential buyers if it is nicely laid out and staged. There are many reasons why renting furniture from Executive Furniture Rentals for staging is beneficial.


Everyone involved in the home-buying process has choice. The buyer has a choice when it comes to which city, neighbourhood and home they wish to purchase. You, as the seller have the choice of how much you want to list your home for—and yes—how to stage it when it’s crunch time. Neighborhoods are popping up everywhere, it seems. Because of the amount of choice that buyers have, it’s important that you make the correct decision that will please the highest number of potential buyers.


By choosing to rent staging furniture, you can ensure you move with the current trends that are taking over the market. If your neighborhood was dignified older clientele when you moved into your home and now has sprung up with all kinds of families and young people, the style of your furniture is no longer going to match the tenor of the neighborhood. By going with a staging furniture rental, you are able to showcase the style of the furniture that will please the greatest number of potential buyers without having to break the bank. Also, by choosing to rent your furniture, you won’t be compromising your own styles should they be different.


If your home isn’t selling, you can always switch out certain pieces for others you are renting like sofas, tables, etc. The best staging furniture rental places will have a variety of choices. This means if you see that some things are working and others are not, you can some rooms around and modify others for your next open house. Our professionals are always there to make suggestions and give helpful advice when it comes to furniture rentals, should you need it!

Every person—and in turn, buyer—has their own sense of style. No matter what your style is, renting furniture for the staging of your home can help it sell quickly, and for the price you are asking. If you feel lost in your search for the perfect style for your home during the selling process, contact us today at 416-785-0932!

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