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March 1, 2016

Staging with Home Decor Accessories

home decor accessories
Whether you’re aiming to sell a home, host a special event or entice renters, proper staging can mean the difference between a success and a failure. Much of the success of staging comes down to picking the right home decor accessories; the little details and accents that shape a well-designed space into a true piece of art. Consider how to add appeal to your home and how to match a style to your space and goals.

Know Your Options

To make the right decisions about home decor accessories for staging, it’s a good idea to gain a solid grasp of what options you have available to you. Familiarize yourself with modern and contemporary furniture, and with pieces appropriate to the period of the home. Also, be certain that you’re considering every potential angle. Obvious traits such as lamps and paintings are important, but proper use of mirrors, chaises, pillows and throws, adds up to determine the final impact of your staging.


The appeal of a home can be a difficult thing to quantify, which makes it difficult to design for; to some degree, you must depend on instinct. If you don’t have the ability to assess these things yourself, get a test audience to give their impressions. Take criticisms into account and device your own fix for the problem, that way you can be certain your solution truly matches what you’re aiming for, rather than satisfying the personal preferences of your critics.


To properly showcase the value of a home with staging, it’s important to understand two things: the strengths of the home which you will want to accentuate, and the weaknesses of the home which you will want to downplay. You should avoid being outright deceptive in dealing with weaknesses however, as simply showing that the weaknesses can be overcome thoughtfully is enough to raise the perceived value.

Staging involves perceiving the inherent value, then reinforcing it at every possible point. Home decor accessories are a vital part of this.

Matching the Space

It’s very easy for staging to go horribly awry in the accessorizing process, as even a few pieces of clashing furniture or décor can undermine the impact of an entire room—or an entire home. Make sure you’re adding to the whole, accenting what exists; it’s too late in the process to try to add entirely new themes, colors, or patterns. If the home and most of the furniture is period, don’t try to modernize solely through accessories. Don’t introduce patterns, furniture styles, or otherwise that only exist in the accessories and can’t be found in the home or major set pieces.

Matching Your Goals

If you’re trying to sell a space, and you have a certain pitch in mind, use that to inform how you stage. If you’re afraid of the home being perceived as ‘too old’, then use modern furniture, eye-catching color, modern convenience at every turn.

If you’re hosting an event, you may want the décor mostly out of the way and convenient; home décor accessories can quickly become impediments to your utilitarian goals, getting in the way and making the space feel cramped.

Parting Thoughts

With these points in mind, you’re certain to make the most of your home décor accessories. Just be certain that you consider the big picture and the small details with equal consideration, to produce the strongest possible impact on your guests, prospects, or buyers, and leverage the true hidden value of your home. To learn more about renting the perfect home furniture and accessories to make home staging a success, contact us at Executive Furniture Rentals today!


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