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December 14, 2018

The Guide to Moving and Designing Your New Apartment in the City

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Starting your life in a new city is an exciting experience, however it can also be overwhelming and requires plenty of preparation. When moving homes, you may feel the need to bring everything with you. Our main tip is to travel light. Stay true to your sense of style, and worry about designing and decorating your apartment when you get there. Here are some tips to prepare you for your move!

Embrace Technology

Design your new space with maximum comfort and stylish and convenient technology that looks great and performs well. Accessorizing with digital photo frames, framed digital art and adding speakers to your home will provide you with a contemporary and sleek look. It may also benefit you to include a portable fireplace so that you can remain warm and comfortable no matter what room you’re in.

Save Space

If your apartment is small, add furnishings that provide multiple uses to ensure that your new place is livable by avoiding excess clutter. Include furniture that has hidden storage space, for instance, ottomans or coffee tables where you can conveniently place items, while also using them as extra seating or a workspace. If you want to create separate rooms in your apartment, instead of using typical room dividers, try dividing your apartment by including bookshelves or cabinets that can be used for storage.

Leave It All (Or Most of It) Behind

When deciding what to bring with you on your move, leave behind most of your belongings and only bring what’s important to you. Leave behind all your heavy and clunky items, especially if you’re travelling far distances. Furniture is something that you definitely should avoid packing.

An affordable way to furnish your home will be to rent the furniture in your new city. Utilizing furniture rental companies like Executive Furniture Rentals allow you to move and obtain furniture at your convenience. Furniture rental companies often provide you with furniture in the first 24-48 hours, versus purchasing it permanently which would take longer and is much more expensive. When you’re more settled in and in a better financial state to purchase furniture, the rental companies will pick it up whenever you’re ready.

Decorate Like a Boss

Whether you’re renting your new place or its permanent, you’ll still want to make it feel like a home. The way you decorate and personalize your apartment will have a large impact on how you feel. Make sure to hang artwork and photos that are special to you and design it with accessories you will enjoy. Choose to include lightweight rugs that you can take with you on your next move, not only will they be convenient, but they will add texture to your home!

If you’re moving to the city, contact Executive Furniture Rentals to assist you with all of your furniture needs at your convenience!

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