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November 3, 2014

The Most Popular Event Furniture Rental Items

The event furniture rental business has really taken off in recent years and is becoming larger than ever. With companies, organizations, and ordinary people like you throwing parties and hosting events, the need for stylish, modern furniture has gone up rapidly. There are many kinds of event furniture rentals from tables to chairs, to special feature pieces. Here are some of the most popular pieces (which are all available at Executive Furniture Rentals), and how they can be used.

Lounge seating

One of the most popular pieces of furniture that is rented for special events is lounge seating. Providing guests with a stylish, comfortable place to sit is so important. Event spaces and halls tend to have plenty of folding chairs, but if you are really trying to impress your guests, you want them to have somewhere to sit where they are comfortable; thus, lounge seating is a great option.

Bar stools

Bar stools are rarely found in event halls and spaces. However, if you are having a bar at your event, you want a place for your guests to sit while they have a drink. Walking around, or dancing isn’t for everyone, so having a place to please all of your guests is important! Renting bar stools is a great, inexpensive way to ensure all of your guests are enjoying themselves.

Leather chairs & sofas

Are you trying to close a big deal at your live event? Will you have VIP’s present? Fold-out, plastic lawn furniture will not impress these guests. Leather chairs will really show you are willing to go the extra mile. Guests will be impressed with your taste, and appreciate the comfortable, modern seating.


Having custom furniture at your event can really leave a great impression with your guests. It shows that you can think outside the box, and went the extra mile to make your event a success. It could be floating dinner tables, eclectic light fixtures, or cool, modern coffee tables that are perfect for after dinner coffee and socializing. Whatever your vision is, the right furniture can make all the difference and turn it into a reality!

Whatever the event and wherever it is you need to have the right furniture to suit your needs. If you are not going to host this event all the time or you have nowhere to store this furniture between events then going with a rental agency is your best bet to a smooth and successful live event! Executive Furniture Rentals is your one-stop-shop for all the furniture you’ll need for your next event. Contact us today at 416-785-0932!

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