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January 13, 2011

Toronto Furniture Rental: IDS11 Approaches!

That’s right, folks—for a Toronto furniture rental establishment such as ourselves, the 13th annual Interior Design Show, located in our very own Toronto, is a highly anticipated event.  Shucks, we’ll go beyond that and call it a “feast for the senses.”  There’s a good reason for that: In the 13 years that the Interior Design Show’s been gracing Toronto, it has hosted over 4,000 designers, firms, companies, and studios to strut their stuff.  In that same time period, over 550,000 visitors have flocked to Toronto to see what the leading luminaries in contemporary interior design from all across Canada and the world over have been up to.

This event is a wonderful opportunity to check out some new Toronto furniture rental designer furniture for your home or office, or simply to get inspired by the latest trends.  Plenty of speakers will also be on-hand for further inspiration and/or instruction.

This event is an excellent way to the city of Toronto itself to showcase itself as a cutting-edge location in terms of design for Toronto furniture rental.  We fervently believe that this is the case, a case strengthened when Toronto holds world-renowned showcases like the Interior Design Show.

All the information in this post regarding the Interior Design Show was taken from their excellent, informative website.  Browse the Interior Design Show website here.

At Executive Furniture Rentals, we like to have the finest furnishings for Toronto furniture rental for home and office that are available on the market.  That’s because we highly value our customers and want to provide them with the best possible Toronto furniture rental experience.  Our office furniture in Toronto solutions are unparalleled, for example.  We’re also proud to support home staging in Toronto, which is a rapidly burgeoning field that helps frame the home or office you’re trying to sell in the most beneficial, attractive light for prospective buyers.  At Executive Furniture Rentals, we’re here to make your your Toronto-affiliated relocation goes as smoothly as possible.

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