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November 4, 2009

Toronto Furniture Rental: Simplify Your Life

If you’ve just moved to Toronto, furniture rental is an option to consider. It’s easy, it’s affordable and it makes your new home feel like home in no time. From nightstands to dining room tables and sectional sofas, Executive Furniture Rentals has countless options to help you furnish your Toronto home or office, or even to help you with home staging services.

Toronto Furniture Rental for the Home

For some situations like temporary relocation, buying furniture just doesn’t make sense. With Executive Furniture Rental, you’ll be able to pick out just what you need to make your new apartment or house feel like home. We offer bedroom sets, living room sets and even kitchen items. No moving trucks required: Toronto rental furniture can be delivered!

Toronto Office Furniture Rental

If you’re in need of office furniture, rental is a wonderful option. First of all, renting office furniture conserves capital. There’s no down payment required, and costs are fully deductible because rental payments are classified as an operating expense. Office furniture rental also means flexibility: you can make sure the furniture you have matches current trends, and it’s no problem to add or subtract pieces.

Furniture Rental for Home Staging

Selling your home? Consider home staging. It can give you a serious edge, as your home will look outstanding. Thanks to furniture rental, home staging is simple. There are even professionals who can help you pick out the rental furniture that will make your home look its best. When potential buyers come in to view your home, they’ll be blown away by how nicely the furniture is set up and will be able to easily see the potential of the home.

Ready to get started with Toronto furniture rental? Executive Furniture Rentals is ready to help you! Contact us online, or call our Toronto location at (416) 785-0932 or toll-free at 1-800-618-1733.

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